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Please call Jane on
+353 (0) 87 648 3714
or email for detailed
group information and rates.


Group Tours

Discover why Biddy Early was tried for
witchcraft in Ennis . . .

Ennis Walking Tours is also available for private bookings. Private tours can be arranged for during the day or evening.

Tour Operators

  • Ennis Walking Tours is perfect for domestic or international visitors.

  • The tours provide a wonderful introduction to the medieval town of Ennis as well as providing a lively and entertaining event.


  • Ennis Walking Tours are appropriate for all ages. 

  • The tour helps to bring the rich history of Ennis alive and can be
    a wonderful addition to the school curriculum and project work.

  • The tours help students to gain a better sense of pride
    and appreciation for their local area.

Businesses & Community Groups

  • Walking tours are great for entertaining clients, special events
    and team building.

  • The walk is a perfect orientation event for visitors to the town.

A Journey Through Time

Ennis Walking Tours

Tel : +353 (0) 87 648 3714