The History of the Industrial School Child in Ennis

This week has been designated history week at St Caimins Secondary School in Shannon and one of the history teachers there asked me if I would come in and speak with some of the students about a research history project that I had previously completed on the Industrial School Child in Ennis. ...

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Ennis Trad Festival 2018

Co. Clare has long been acknowledged as a heartland for Irish music and Ennis the county capital has a rightful claim as Irelands Trad Town....

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Laneways and Bow-ways of Ennis

Ennis is famous for its atmospheric laneways and bow-ways. From medieval times in Ennis the areas behind the main streets and leading down to the river consisted of a rich tapestry of laneways whose crowded tenements and poor dwellings housed the labouring population of the town. ...

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Curiosities of Ennis

You may have walked around Ennis many times but have you ever really looked around? There are many items of interest on our streets that are often overlooked. Here is just a couple to look out for next time you are in town....

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A Painting of Ennis

In 1820 a travelling artist, William Turner de Lond, came to the town of Ennis. He produced a painting of the town centre depicting the courthouse and marketplace which is the best surviving pre-photographic image that we have of the town. ...

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